Who we are

We are a provider of high-quality home health services that are designed to meet the unique needs of patients.

With a wide range of medical and support services, ongoing medical care monitoring, and a team of experienced healthcare professionals, Lorian Home Health provides patients with the care and support they need to recover or manage their condition. If you or a loved one is in need of home health services, consider Lorian Home Health as your provider of choice.

A healthcare professional in teal scrubs interacting with a smiling elderly woman wearing glasses.
Logo Re Branding

We renew ourselves to continue growing

Our brand reflects our mission, values and commitment.


A strong, but not too elaborate typography that communicates trust and safety in what we do.

Font typography with words in their respective thickeness: Regular, Medium, Bold.


The purple color represents calmness and professionalism, calmness for our patients and their families, and the professionalism with which we approach every case.

Complemented by the red of the heart, a live color that represents the energy and passion that Lorian puts in every patient.

The roof of a house that evokes the attention of our customers and patients to their homes while giving a sensation of closeness, of being part of the family, values that are core for the company.

Icon of purple roof.

The heart that, as a universal symbol of love, represents endearment and the commitment with which Lorian cares for their patients, no matter their conditions of life or the complexity of their cases. It also represents the caring for health that our specialists have with each and every one of the patients.

Icon of red heart.

The semicircle that along with the roof, are hugging the heart, as a symbol of happiness, the community and their close relationship that is forged between Lorian collaborators, the patients and their families during our care.

Icon of purple semicircle.
Our New Logo

All the elements united

Give a visible face to the philosophy and identity that Lorian has built all these years, the same that differentiates us from the rest of the competition and that is pride of our collaborators and legacy of the founders.

Lorian Health logo
An elderly woman looking thoughtful, alongside a close-up of hands holding a medical device.

Our Goal

"Bringing health and happiness to our seniors through improving their health in the privacy of their homes."

Our Vision

To foster a socially responsible environment within our organization and community. Determined to provide the highest quality medical care to our patients and their families.

Regional Care

At Lorian Health we are committed to continue taking our purpose to other regions of our country. We currently operate in:

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Check mark Orange County

Check mark Riverside

Check mark Los Angeles

Check mark Las Vegas

Check mark San Jose

Check mark Sacramento

Map of western U.S. highlighting Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego, and Las Vegas with pin markers.